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Castle Panigirakis is the perfect location for any kind of cultural events.

Stunning views, breathtaking surroundings, peace and privacy with accommodations on site.

What else would be better for the organization of an amazing event!

A spectacular venue for events in Mykonos

Imagine listening to live music under the stars in an exclusive, intimate venue filled with romance and passion. Imagine letting the Aegean wind carry your songs and melodies off into the sunset as you celebrate with friends and family. Here at Castle Panigirakis all your dreams can come true. Our castle provides a truly spectacular setting in which a concert, event, or even  a perfect wedding in Mykonos can be held.Whether it’s an intimate dinner party with a traditional Greek band, or a larger event for your business or charity, our venue has the truly magical touch you’ve been looking for.

Jaw dropping scenery for picture perfect photographs

Castle Panigirakis really does have everything when it comes to stunning scenery. Uninterrupted panoramas of the azure Aegean Sea, cozy nooks around the rough castle walls, natural beauty in among the olive trees and wildflowers and, of course, the striking landmarks of the Arch and the Mykonian Windmill. Whether you’re shooting for a personal portrait, producing images for fashion or the media, or are looking for the perfect setting for your Mykonos wedding, our castle is the place to be. In and around the grounds, you will find every setting and background imaginable. For truly remarkable photographs for every occasion, let Castle Panigirakis be your muse.

An inspirational gallery for your next exhibition

Why keep artwork locked inside four walls? Give art a new lease on life by exhibiting it in the spectacular grounds of Castle Panigirakis. The winding stone walls of the castle’s surroundings have created the perfect palette for a walk-through art exhibition. Whether you’re an artist looking to show your work in the very best light, or an enthusiast keen on sharing your collection with the public, talk to us about organizing an exhibition at Castle Panigirakis and see just how exquisite your art can look when wrapped in the surroundings of our elegant estate.

A magnificent location for films and TV

Nothing surpasses the beauty and the authentic spirit of the islands of Greece. Castle Panigirakis has frequently inspired film makers, advertisers, cinematographers and television directors to use this location as a setting for their work. With plenty of privacy, extensive space and some of the most impressive scenery in Europe, Castle Panigirakis can become the ideal  filming location.


Contact us in order for us to assist and supply any information you may need concerning all the events that are held here at Castle Panigirakis on the grand island of Mykonos!